1-16 Series Protecting Board Tester Lithium Battery Protection Panel Test Laptop Car Battery BMS Tester with Computer & Cabinet

Product Detail

  1. Introduction to the scope and function of the equipment:

Scope of application: mainly used to detect whether the functional indicators of the power battery protection board are in the parameter range In order to provide staff with a set of testing standards. It is mainly used to test the power battery protection board of the protection board manufacturer and the power battery manufacturer.

Function introduction: PBTS protection board test system, divided into two types: Quick test and precise test.

Accurate testing: It can accurately detect the precise value of each functional parameter of the power battery protection board (the error is 5mv), which is convenient for the debugging and development of samples, and provides a set of standards for rapid testing to R&D personnel. Quick test: According to the design parameters of the protection board, set the test parameters for quick test, which is convenient for the protection board manufacturers and power battery manufacturers to quickly test and ship on a large scale. At the same time, it is suitable for various hardware schemes and part of the software scheme protection board test.


  1. Over Charging and over discharging protection test.
  2. Over Charging delay time and over Discharging delay time protection test.
  3. Short circuit protection test.
  4. Over voltage/under voltage protection tests.
  5. over voltage delay time /under voltage delay time protection test.
  6. Over voltage/under voltage release protection test.
  7. Single cell self-consumption test.
  8. Total self-consumption test of protection board.
  9. Equalization current & Equalization voltage.
  10. Precise testing and quick test.
  11. IR Testing.
  12. Type of BMS test support – B+, P+, C+, B-, P-, C-.


  1. Technical parameters:

High current module: the current level is 120A, current accuracy 0.1A.


Voltage module: voltage range 0.5-5V, programmable output 0.5-5V, voltage accuracy 5mV.

Short circuit module: super capacitor, fully analog pack the battery voltage instantly short-circuits the protection board to accurately capture the short-circuit time and current.

  1. Equipment parameters:

Test items

Test Range


Number of test strings

1-16 string


The reference voltage

Ternary lithium battery(3.8V), lithium iron phosphate (3.0V)


Overcharge protection voltage



Over discharge protection voltage



Overcharge recovery voltage(Self-recovery)



Over discharge recovery voltage(Self-recovery)



Overcharge protection current



Over discharge protection current



Balanced opening voltage



Balance real-time current



Over current protection delay



Overcharge protection delay



Over-discharge protection delay



Single cell self- consumption



Loop resistance



Short circuit protection (6 strings or more)



Scope of application

All hardware solution protection boards and some software boards in the market(Special test items need to be communicated)


  1. Product appearance structure and working environment requirements:

Equipment size: the volume of the instrument itself 420×410×200mm, net weight 15KG.

Working environment: working power requires mains AC220V input, power supply fluctuation range (170-260V), working environment temperature -10°C to 40°C, working humidity 10%~90%, maximum power 600W only appears in the case of high current testing.


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