1-24 Series Protection Board Tester BMS Tester Charge Discharge Current 300A

Product Detail


  1. A 1-24 series power battery protection board tester with high degree of automation, friendly English interface, fast test speed and high test precision. It has 13 performances of testing overcharge, overcharge recovery, over discharge, over discharge recovery, overcurrent (overcharge current and over discharge current), internal resistance, self consumption, short circuit protection, overcharge protection time, overcurrent protection time, over discharge protection time, equalizing current and equalizing voltage.
  2. It can meet the test of lithium iron phosphate battery and cobalt acid battery protection board in the current market, and has the test gear switching function of iron battery and cobalt acid battery.
  3. The instrument is required to be connected to a computer. The computer hardware configuration requires a general office computer. The system generally requires an XP system. The instrument and computer adopt an industrial standard 232 interface.

Technical parameter

  1. Input power requirements: 180 ~240V, 50 / 60Hz, power: 1600W
  2. The requirement for equipment access to power is 220V / 50Hz AC used in China, and the allowable fluctuation range is within10%.
  3. Charging and discharging voltage: 5000mv ~90000mv
  4. When charging or discharging the equipment, it can be used to detect and set the voltagerange.
  5. Current accuracy: ± (0.1% FS + 0.1% RD)
  6. When the equipment detects or sets the current, the error range is 0.1% of the full scale plus 0.1% of the reading error
  7. Voltageaccuracy: ± (0.1% FS + 0.1% RD)
  8. When the equipment detects or sets the voltage, the error range is 0.1% of the full scale plus 0.1% of the reading error
  9. Current resolution:1mA
  10. The minimum unit used by the equipment when detecting or settingcurrent.
  11. Voltageresolution: 1mV
  12. The minimum unit used by the equipment when detecting or settingvoltage.
  13. Cycle: cycle times: 1 ~ 9999times
  14. By programming, the equipment can continuously cycle the indexes of the protectionboard.
  15. Log tracking
  16. It has log function, including operation records and abnormal records during the whole test process, which can be used for tracing the testprocess.
  17. Data processing, man-machineinterface
  18. Testdata can be exported into excel file and TXT text format.
  19. Interface between equipment and upper computer:RS232
  20. The interface between the equipment and the host computer adopts RS232 interface, which can ensure the stability and real-time of dataacquisition.
  21. Accuracy calibration / software calibration 22 external code scanningfunction


Test function

1.General performance test.

  1. Charge discharge test, open circuit voltage, VCC voltage and on load voltage test, ID resistance, NTC resistance and on resistance test, single cell consumption current test and single cell equalization currenttest.
  2. Single cell overcharge protection and over discharge protection test, charging over-current and discharge over-current protection test, simulated short circuit protection test and simulated over temperature protectiontest.1. Others: precharge test, MOSFET g-pole signal (BH signal) detection.

 Electrical performance parameters of main circuit


Parameter description



Voltage resolution


Voltage accuracy


Charge discharge


1A ~ 300A

Current resolution


Current accuracy



The charging and discharging circuits are completely


Electrical performance parameters of single string CELL


Parameter description

Voltage output of

each section


1000mV ~ 5000mV

Voltage input of

each section


1000mV ~ 5000mV

Voltage resolution


Voltage accuracy


Test equalizing




Electrical performance parameters of power box (overcurrent test part)


Parameter description

Controllable analog

current range


1A –300A

Controllable analog

current accuracy



Maximum output




Other technical parameters of equipment


Parameter description

Measuring range of

consumed current

1 ~ 1000uA

Consumed current




ID resistance:0.1%/ NTC resistance:0.1%;internal impedance:0-999mr

Protection time

Overcurrent protection time: 0-999ms; Short circuit



protection time: 0-999us

1 channel signal

voltage output:


Ad / DA digits

AD:16bit DA:16bit

Discharge mode

CC pattern

32 analog cells

Input / output 1000~5000mV, voltage accuracy ±0.1%



2-way SBS communication, communication rate



One circuit voltage sampling , 0~5000mV ,






Protection function

Global protection parameters 

(including reverse connection protection, lower voltage limit protection, upper voltage limit protection and upper current limit protection), CC charging protection parameters (abnormal voltage trend protection, abnormal charging current fluctuation protection and abnormal voltage fluctuation protection), CC discharge protection parameters (including abnormal voltage trend protection, abnormal discharge current fluctuation protection and abnormal voltage fluctuation





The equipment interface adopts RS232 /  DB9 interface and 38400 communication rate interface, which can ensure the stability and real-time of data acquisition. All communication ports of the equipment are isolated and have lightning protection design.

Circuit structure

Modular structure, spare parts and spare parts can be

used for timely replacement and maintenance.



Split cabinet structure

Safety level

Accord with EN60950,GB4943 requirement




The noise is tested according to the method of iec62040-3, and the noise is less than 70dba

The sound level meter used shall meet the provisions of type I in iec804, and the accuracy shall be better

than ± 0.5dB.

Degree of



Cabinet color

Grayish white

Chassis color

Grayish white

lightning protection

Meet the 2-pole lightning protection requirements of



Forced air cooling, with at least 20cm space reserved

between the air outlet and air inlet

Start pulse voltage

For  equipment  test,   the  maximum  allowable pulse voltage at the beginning of process execution is ≤ (set



number of test strings * set monomer voltage) *

110%, t ≤ 500us;


Start pulse current

Equipment test: when the overcurrent test process is started, the maximum allowable pulse current is ≤ the upper limit of the set overcurrent protection value *

120%, t ≤ 1ms;

Wiring mode

Reliable spring crimping mode is adopted for flexible disassembly and replacement.


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