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Prismatic Battery Pack Laser Welding System 3000W/4000W/6000W

Brand:                       Raunik

Item Name:            Laser Weldinr 

Warranty:                One Year warranty with lifetime support

Order(Moq):            1 set

Prismatic Lithium Battery Pack Laser Welding System 3000W/4000W/6000W

Brand:                       Raunik

Item Name:             Laser Welding

Warranty:                One Year warranty with lifetime support

Order(Moq):            1 set

Product Detail

Prismatic Battery Pack Laser Welding System 3000W/4000W/6000W

The prismatic battery pack laser welding system is a professional battery pack assembly equipment, mainly composed of laser source, welding head, 5-axis motion system, water chiller, dust collector and CCD monitoring positioning system.


1. The battery laser system adopts modular design and layout; the machine is beautiful and easy to maintain and debug.

2. The battery pack welding system has high flexibility and can be compatible with the production of various prismatic battery packs of different sizes.

3. The battery laser welding machine is equipped with a 5-axis electric sliding table, controlled by an industrial PC, and can be welded in any plane pattern consisting of points, straight lines, circles, squares or straight lines and arcs.

4. The laser beam quality is good, the welding speed is fast, and the weld seam is firm and beautiful, which can meet the needs of efficient welding.

5. High electro-optical conversion rate, low energy consumption, can save a lot of processing costs in the long-term use.

6. The battery laser welding system has high reliability and can be processed continuously and stably to meet the needs of mass production and processing of prismatic battery pack assembly.

7. Customization is accepted, and exclusive models can be tailored to customer needs.

8. The dedicated laser welding software has powerful functions and a friendly man-machine dialogue interface. It is easy to operate, powerful, and supports multiple file formats.

Scope of application:

The battery laser welding system is specially designed for the battery pack assembly line of prismatic cells, and is suitable for laser welding of aluminum bus bars or copper bus bars and prismatic battery cells.

It is suitable for EV battery, energy storage battery, e-bike battery, e-motorcycle battery, UPS battery, AGV battery, etc.


Machine parameters of the prismatic battery laser system

Product name

Prismatic Battery Pack Laser Welding System

Product model


Power demand of the entire system

Input voltage

Three-phase 380V±5%, 50Hz

Rated power


Rated current




Compressed air



Compressed nitrogen

Purity 99.99%



Utilization rate


Maximum module size

900*700*200mm (customizable)

Working time


Continuous operation

Ambient temperature


Environment humidity


Welding unit

5-axis welding workstation

Welding software

WinAck laser welding software




Water chiller

CCD industrial camera and monitor

Inert gas blowing protection components

Dust collector

Welding tool



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