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Stable and Reliable Energy Storage For Your Home, Office, or Anywhere Else.

Lithium-Ion battery price and specs for Inverters: Inverters are ubiquitous, whether they are installed in the home to keep everyone comfortable during load shedding and power outages or in the office to keep critical equipment up and running in case of a power failure.

Whatever inverter you use, one thing about the system affects its performance the most, the battery that you pair it with. While the usual practice is to have a sealed lead-acid battery, that doesn’t mean it’s the only or best option. Lithium-ion battery for UPS from Raunik Greentech is also a worthy contender for your next purchase. Especially if your want better reliability and less maintenance.

How Lithium Ion Battery Works:

A Lithium-ion battery is composed of several Li-ion cells that hold the charge. Each cell has a lithium compound on its positive terminal and graphite on its negative terminal. 

When the battery is charged, the lithium ions slowly migrate to the negative terminal and this stores the electrical energy applied to the battery as chemical energy

When a charged battery is attached to any electrical device, the ions migrate back to the positive terminal, pushing out free electrons which run through the connected devices and power them.

While the principle of working is similar to most rechargeable batteries (Nickel-Cadmium and Lead-Acid, for example), the critical difference is that lithium-ion cells do not need any electrolyte and are entirely solid-state.We also supply all machines for Lithium battery Assembly & Testing like Cell Grading/Testing Machines, Battery Charge Discharge Machines , BMS Tester & Spot Welding Machines. 

Lithium Battery for Home Inverters


Lead-Acid batteries are the usual go-to for most homeowners and office administrators when it comes to storage for their inverters. While they are cheap and easy to replace, lead batteries come with a host of problems. Over-charging, maintenance of acid levels, sulphuric fumes, and the requirement for the battery to be kept in a cool but open space are common problems when using these batteries with inverters.

Lithium-Ion batteries can mitigate, if not remove, all these inconveniences. They are maintenance-free as there is no acid or other electrolyte. They can be deployed anywhere as long as the space is not unreasonably hot and does not give off toxic fumes.

This is why we at Raunik Greentech are confident that our offerings will give you excellent performance. Our Lithium battery packs will help you forget all the troubles and grief your lead-acid batteries are giving you.

1: Lithium Ion Battery for Inverter 48v 200Ah:

A big backup for your big home.

Got a house with a lot of appliances? Don’t worry. Our big 200Ah battery will keep all your little gadgets running through any outage. With a beefy 200 Ah capacity and fast charging, the battery pack is sure to keep your inverter running for a long time as well as recharge quickly. 

Not only that, the built-in deep-cycle charging technology ensures that your battery keeps its capacity for a long time, and you can depend on it delivering its full power even after months of use. All this with a battery that is completely maintenance-free and can be installed virtually anywhere. Also check Lithium Battery for Energy Storage Systems

2: Lithium Ion Battery for Inverter 12v 120Ah:

Not too small, not too big, just right!

Our 120Ah Lithium battery for inverter is the perfect size for most households. With just enough capacity to keep all your electrical equipment running through an outage, it should suffice you for most day-to-day uses.

Of course, it comes with all the best features of your Lithium battery packs. Fast charging to keep the battery topped up no matter how frequent the load shedding is. Deep-cycle technology to ensure your battery will give you trouble-free service for years. And maintenance-free solid-state cells that you can just install and forget.

Not what you were looking for? We also sell Lithium Batteries for E-bikes and Solar Panels


Most lithium batteries for inverters and power storage are rated for 2,000 cycles or about 5 years of service. Of course this can be increased with the right charger and proper care and conditions.

As for the battery’s timing with your inverter, that depends on the wattage of your inverter and the capacity of the battery bank attached to it. This timing can be calculated in you know these two parameters.

Assuming you run it at it’s maximum wattage, the math is pretty simple. Divide the wattage by the voltage of your battery, giving you the minimum bank required to run the inverter for 1 hour. This comes out to be about 166 Ah for 2000 W. 

Of course, we don’t want to deplete the cells and a depth of charge of 50% is recommended. This means we need twice the capacity, i.e. 322 Ah. So installing two batteries of 200Ah each, should be sufficient for 1 h 14 m if depleted 50% and 2h 24 minutes if fully drained.


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