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We thank you for visiting the Best basketball review. This privacy policy includes this website and all of its content. In the below content, we are going to discuss in detail how we take the information provided by a user, store it safely, and use it for promotional purposes if needed.

The best basketball review will not sell your contact information to anyone in any circumstances. We value your privacy as much as we value ours.

We are eligible to collect two types of information via our website. 1st is the user data submitted by you. The 2nd is geographic data


When you are interested in interact with us in the shape of leaving a comment on our website, you will be asked to share your email address and name. However, if you chose to leave your information in our newsletter form, you will be sent a confirmation link, and upon confirming your email address, it will automatically be moved to the website’s database. From here, we can send you recent updates about our website.

The personal information of a user such as an email address, or any other source of contact information will be used to contact the user about the recent updates and promotions on our website.


This information is safe in our database with top-level security. The information will only be shared with our authorized customers who are interested in making any potential transactions with other authorized customers. The information, however, is stored safely in our database and is secured by each and every measure as well. Even the website’s staff or third parties cannot gain access to it any shape.


You have the right to unsubscribe from all of our updates by just clicking the unsubscribe link. You can delete all your information stored in our database at any time you want.

The best Basketball review also uses cookies so that it can identify the time and date of your visit.


Your IP addresses are also collected by our database servers as a part of traffic.


Technical information about the device you use to visit our website is also collected by our servers. This includes browser, computer model, device ID number, etc.

If you use a mobile phone to access our website and you have left the location service of the cell phone open, then the location is also collected by our website. In case it is turned off, the automatic location will be collected by the servers.

The URL of the last webpage that you have given a visit before visiting Best basketball review is also collected in our database servers.

Information related to search queries and your search results on our website are also collected for improved accuracy, and it will help us to make our website more user-friendly.


On the basis of your information and search queries, our websites will give you updates and promotions according to your interests. We can also show ads on our website according to your current location data.

We may disclose your non-personal data to third-party apps as well.

Your personal information is safe with us. We have taken security measures to keep your personal data safe from the outside world and third-party apps.


We can keep your personal data information as long as our business purpose is not fulfilled. However, we have the right to anonymize the information that we intend to keep for a longer period of time.

We didn’t collect the data of the user under 13 years old and deleted.


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