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5V3A 5A 6A 512 Channel Cylindrical Batteries Charging And Discharging Tester For Battery Pack Assembly


512 Channels 5V 3A/6A Cylindrical Lithium Cell Grading Machine (Linear/Regenerative)

 The 5V 3A /6A 512 channel Battery Grading Machine is mainly used for formation and capacity grading of incoming cylindrical lithium ion batteries.

Formation is first small current charging of a newly built lithium ion battery, aimed at forming a passivation layer on the surface of the negative electrode, that is, the solid electrolyte boundary film (SEI film).

When incoming cells are received, Capacity grading means test the capacity of the cell via charge and discharge process, and grading the cells according the capacity value. This is for balance the battery pack assembling.

Battery Grading Machine is mainly composed of computer system, control software, communication interface and battery detection cabinet. The battery detection cabinet is composed of a clamp and a board body for placing the clamp, a charging constant current and voltage source, a discharging constant current source, a storage control circuit, a current sampling circuit, a voltage sampling circuit, a main control CPU, a data memory, a single-chip microcomputer program and a control panel.


Channels: 512 channels
Machine size: 1620mm×550mm×1840mm
Box color: Default beige (can be customized)
Clamp type: upper positive and lower negative, fixture (tip/flat/two pieces) optional
Clamp spacing: 40mm
Support battery height: adjustable within 100mm
Working power supply: 3-phase five-wire system AC380V±10%, 50HZ
Working power consumption: ≤9KW
Working environment: temperature 0~40℃, relative humidity ≤80%
Cooling method: natural air intake, upward exhaust air

Channel parameters

Voltage measurement range: 0~5V
Battery voltage range: charging 0~4.5V; discharging 4.5~2V
Constant voltage range: 2.5~4.5V
Voltage accuracy: ±(1‰ reading+1‰ full scale)
Voltage resolution: 1mV
Voltage stability: ≤1‰
Current range: charging 20mA~6A; discharging 20mA~6A
Current accuracy: ±(1‰ reading+1‰ full scale)
Current resolution: 1mA
Current stability: ≤1‰

Software function
Control mode: The software installed on computer connected to the machine via serial port, whole cabinet control
Communication mode: serial port, baud rate 57600
Process setting: up to 32 steps and 256 cycles can be set
Charging mode: constant current, constant voltage, constant current and constant voltage
Charging cut-off conditions: voltage, current, time, capacity
Discharge mode: constant current
Discharge cut-off conditions: voltage, time, capacity
Protection function: over voltage, under voltage, over current, under current, over capacity protection, power failure protection,
data break point recovery
Time range: arbitrarily set within 0~30000 minutes, the time unit is min
Time accuracy: ≤±1‰
Sampling inspection cycle: ≤8s
Minimum data recording frequency: ≤8s
Battery sorting: sorting according to (capacity, time, open circuit voltage, discharge platform, etc.)
Data processing: Record data such as voltage, current, time, capacity, etc., and automatically calculate the constant current
charging ratio, capacity loss, discharge efficiency, average electricity data such as voltage, median voltage, etc., provide data
curve graph and cycle graph; can output and generate text, EXCEL, WORD or MDB database format file



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