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How to Connect Lithium Batteries in Series

Lithium-ion batteries are now widely used in all the power departments, like mobile phones, laptops, cameras, and even electric vehicles. After some time the electric buses will also be available in different countries.

We usually hear about connecting the batteries in a series and parallel way, but most people don’t have enough information about these two terms. These are the two methods by which we connect lithium-ion batteries.

How to Connect Lithium Batteries in Series

Do many people think there is a need to connect the two or more batteries in series or parallel form? There are many benefits and also some drawbacks to connecting the batteries. We mentioned information about how to connect lithium-ion batteries in series.

The big reason to connect the batteries is that we have to increase the required current to run the electronic products that need higher current. So, first of all, we need to know the purpose of connecting the batteries.

Why Do We Need To Connect The Batteries?

There are many cases in which we need to connect two or more lithium-ion batteries like sometimes we need to run the high consuming electric products, so for these situations, a single battery cannot perform efficiently. You can also check How to Connect two lithium batteries Or Why Lithium Ion Battery Explode.

By connecting two lithium batteries in series, we can get high voltage or higher current so that we can power any heavy product we want in our office, school, or home according to our needs. If you have two or more batteries and need a higher current, then connecting them with a series is an easy option. Here you don’t need to hire any battery professional all you need to collect is the ordinary gadgets that are compulsory for any electric work, like the common screws and other things.

How to Connect Lithium Batteries in Series

We know that the batteries are made from cells, so by connecting the various cells, we can increase the voltage and get a higher current. Lithium-ion batteries also power the laptops we are using, and if you get a chance then, you will see that the battery consists of various cells connected in a series of ways; mostly, the laptop batteries have three to four cells. 

Which Method Is Good To Connect The Batteries?

It depends on the need and the battery chemistry because many batteries work properly when connected in the series; on the other hand, many batteries work well when connected similarly. So it only depends on which method is suitable for you and can work for you. 

How to Connect Lithium Batteries in Series

Connecting the batteries in a series way can increase the voltage, which means that you can get a high voltage of all the batteries, and it doesn’t increase the capacity. Because many people make a mistake while understanding this thing, you have to remember that connecting the batteries in series or parallel will give you different results. 

Connecting the Batteries in Series

There are only two ways to connect the batteries; one is similar, and the other is series; we will only discuss the series way. Both methods are widely used and have their benefits; sometimes, we need to connect them in a series way, but in some cases, we need to connect the lithium-ion batteries similarly.

We connect lithium-ion batteries when we need to acquire higher voltage, especially in portable devices, including laptops and other products. If you have a laptop battery, you will find that the cells are connected in a series way because a higher voltage is needed in the laptops. 

So the first thing that you should have in your mind while connecting the batteries is always connecting the batteries with the same voltage and capacity. Otherwise, you are going to damage your batteries. Because in this case, if one battery has a higher voltage and capacity than the other one, then this is not a good match, so these are the things you should follow. 

If you have two batteries with six voltages and 100 Ah, you can easily connect these batteries without facing any problems. Still, if one battery has ten voltages and different capacities, you cannot connect these batteries. 

In connecting the lithium-ion batteries in the series way, we have to connect the negative terminal of the battery to the positive terminal and so on; in this way, you can easily connect many batteries as you want. Now you need to connect your system to the batteries you have connected, which is also very simple; connect the negative terminal of the first battery and the positive terminal of the last battery to the system you want to power. 

Good cable quality is also required to connect the batteries and the system you want to run; if you connect three or more batteries, then you should buy an excellent cable because a bad cable can ruin your batteries and the system. 

You need the cables according to your batteries like if you have to connect two, you need three cables, so you can buy the cables depending on the number of batteries you want to connect.

Important Note

The important thing you have to keep in mind is that while charging the batteries, use the chargers that have the same voltage as the batteries. The best way to charge the batteries is individually to charge them because, in this way, you can prevent your batteries from getting any damage. 

Another thing is that sealed lead acid batteries are considered the best choice for the long string to get high voltage, but the lithium-ion batteries can also be connected in a series way to obtain high voltage. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Connecting Batteries In Series

There are many things that you need to know if you are going to connect the lithium batteries in the series way. The best advantage of connecting the batteries in the series way is getting higher voltage to easily power all the portable devices. 

But there are also many drawbacks of connecting the batteries in a series way. If a battery has poor performance, it will affect all the batteries, and you cannot get good results. Like in many cases, if you are connecting the batteries for the solar system and one of the batteries is not performing well, you will see that your system can fail, so that you can use a fuse in these cases. 

If you are using a compact solar power system and if a battery cell is broken, you have to replace all the batteries. So to prevent these issues, professionals in this field recommend using the same company’s cells and batteries. 

Why The BMS Cannot Be Connected In Series

Most lithium-ion batteries don’t have the common BMS series connection because while charging the lithium-ion batteries, the BMS controls the battery’s charging system. The purpose of the lithium-ion battery is to prevent overcharging and maintain the overall battery. 

Like if a cell is fully charged, the working procedure of the BMS has started as it prevents the cell from overcharging and ensures that it is working properly. When the lithium batteries are connected in a series way, the charging circuit will break, and the charging will be stopped.

The interesting thing in this procedure is that only the first battery can be fully charged, and after breaking the charging circuit, the charging will be stopped. Still, other batteries cannot be fully charged due to the open circuit in the first battery. 

The problem in connecting the lithium batteries and the BMS in series is that only one battery can be fully charged. To prevent this problem and break the charging circuit simultaneously so that all the batteries get the same and fully charged. The VTC power advanced 12V BMS is the best option for this problem. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Lithium Ion Batteries in Series

Can the lithium batteries be connected in a series way?

Yes, lithium-ion batteries can be easily connected in a series way. Still, many brands do not allow you to connect the lithium batteries in a series or parallel way. 

How can you connect lithium batteries in series?

It is very simple. You must connect the first battery’s negative terminal to the next battery’s positive terminal and then connect it to the system.

What is the benefit of connecting the batteries in series?

The big benefit of connecting the lithium-ion batteries in series is that you can get the high voltage and easily power all the heavy portable devices and systems. 

Will the series way increase the capacity?

Many people think that within the high voltage, the capacity will also increase when we connect the batteries in a series way, but this is wrong because the capacity of the batteries will not increase only the voltage will become higher. 

What is the best way to charge the batteries?

The series connection provides a higher voltage, so you can use the batteries for a long time if they are connected in the series. 



Hence, there are two ways to connect the lithium batteries series and the similarities; these methods are widely used to obtain different results. The series way can increase the battery voltage overall, and you can power all the heavy portable devices. Following lithium ion batteries in series is easy. So we mentioned a complete process for how to connect lithium batteries in series.

While connecting the batteries in the series, you must connect the negative terminal to the positive and then connect it to the system you want to power. In this way, you can connect as many batteries as you want, but keep in mind that it will only increase the voltage, not the capacity. 

There are some conditions you must follow like the batteries should have the same voltage and capacity and be from the same company to prevent any danger. 

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