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Lithium-ion Battery Manufacturers in India 2022

Lithium-ion batteries are becoming so popular in India and worldwide because of their lightweight, high power density, and long life span. They leave behind the other batteries, like the acid batteries, due to their benefits, and they overcome other batteries. Here are some of the best Lithium-ion Battery Manufacturers in India 2022.

Why India Is Becoming the Hub for Lithium Batteries

Like this, all the major companies in India will make their products run by batteries because this has many benefits, including cost-effective products; batteries last for a long time. You may also like The Cost of Setting up An EV Charging Station in India

People want to get rid of petrol because of its high price and air pollution, so changing this power system that depends on batteries is not bad. The increasing need for lithium-ion batteries is that they are used to store power in the automobile industry.

You will be shocked to know that the market for lithium-ion batteries in India, according to research, is 125.64 Billion Indian Rupees, and it will be 310.86 billion in 2026. All the transportation systems and other large power sectors will be based on lithium-ion batteries by 2030 in India.

Major Lithium-ion batteries Manufacturers

The lithium-ion battery has massive potential in India. The government is also taking many good initiatives for depending on lithium-ion batteries because they are the best among all the other battery types.

The electric vehicle is increasing the demand for lithium batteries day by day. According to some studies not only in India but also all over the World, 80% of cars and bikes will be electric, which will increase the business and manufacturing rate of lithium batteries.

Every year in India, lithium battery manufacturing is increasing by a ratio of 25%, and this will make a massive development in the power sector.

Lithium-ion Battery Manufacturers in India

Here are some of the significant industries that manufacture lithium batteries on industrial bases and make huge profits.You might wanna check this one too Types Of Lithium-Ion Batteries Available In The Market

Before further discussion, we know that lithium-ion batteries are made from natural resources, like lithium, cobalt, nickel, manganese, and other materials. Some of these materials are freely found, but cobalt is very expensive, and we have to mine it from the rocks.

1. Raunik Green Tech

Lithium-ion Battery Manufacturers in India
  • This is a leading private power company in India that manufactures lithium-ion batteries, spare parts, and other power systems to fulfill the need for power energy in India. Because of their high-speed online chatting system, you can reach them if you have any queries about lithium-ion batteries, and they reply to you in just a few hours.
  • The Lithium-ion battery market in India is increasing rapidly, and the exciting thing is that there are many lithium-ion battery-producing plants that manufacture these batteries. India is the second-largest country by population, so they need an advanced power sector system that can reduce the use of petrol and diesel.
  • Now, most electronic companies are using lithium-ion batteries instead of other batteries or power systems. Now electric bikes, cars, and even rickshaws are also available in the market only because of lithium-ion batteries.

2. Exide Industries

  • Exide batteries are considered one of the largest and more reliable brands all over India, which is not only providing batteries to Indians and also importing to some foreign countries. This company manufactures four-wheeler batteries, which are used for the large power sector.
  • This brand makes the batteries for automotive vehicles and gadgets and provides them to multinational firms in India. They produce different types of batteries by keeping in mind the budget and needs of the ordinary person. Their batteries are cost-effective, reliable, and excellent for your vehicles.
  • They have nine manufacturing plants in India that make lithium batteries for different purposes according to the needs of individuals, companies, and automobiles.
  • Some of their plants are making the batteries for the home UPS system so that you can overcome the load shedding.
  • This is the only lithium battery manufacturing brand in India, with nine manufacturing plants, and that’s why Exide makes most of the lithium batteries used in India. They also have subsidiaries in Sri Lanka, Singapore, United Kingdom, and implores its batteries in more than 45 countries.

3. Amara Raja Batteries Limited

Lithium-ion Battery Manufacturers in India
  • After the Exide, the Amara Raja Group is the second-largest manufacturer of lithium-ion batteries that are meeting the energy crises in India in many fields. This company was established in 2000, and in a short time, they changed the battery system and business in India because they started with acid batteries. Still, now their acid batteries are famous and used all over the World.
  • But the lithium battery is the need of the hour, and that’s why now they are manufacturing lithium-ion batteries in India. They have a turnover of one billion USD just in India, so you can think how this company is big and plays a vital role in the economy.
  • According to reports, they claim that now they want to make an assembly plant for manufacturing the lithium batteries in Andhra Pradesh to overcome the need for electric vehicles because now most automobile companies are interested in using lithium batteries instead of petrol.
  • They are not producing only batteries, as from their name the Amara Raja Group, they are also manufacturing electronic products, power system sector, infrastructure production, and in the future, they plan to expand their business further.

4. TDS Lithium Batteries India

Lithium-ion Battery Manufacturers in India
  • This company is considered the first lithium battery producing company in India; the exciting thing about TDS is that it is a combination of three big companies that join hands according to the country of lithium batteries.
  • This Gujarat-based company has 40% of Toshiba corporation, 10% DENSO Corporation, and the remaining fifty percent is Suzuki because Suzuki also wants to change their vehicles from petrol to electric batteries.
  • The lithium batteries work excellently. That’s why these companies are interested in making lithium batteries to make a considerable profit. The primary purpose of Suzuki joining hands with Toshiba is to make the cell development at an advanced level because it will make it easier to produce lithium batteries.
  • Currently, most automobiles are converting their power system to batteries; that’s why Suzuki also took this initiative to increase its market share. These companies have an agreement with Japan to make lithium production to a high level.
  • The TDS batteries are mainly used for low-temperature activities; the Quick Charging system makes them different from the other lithium batteries. Their durability is excellent because people believe in Suzuki, and the company cannot compromise on its quality and durability.

5. Bharat Electronics Limited

Lithium-ion Battery Manufacturers in India
  • The need for electronics and lithium batteries is increasing daily in India, as it is the second-largest country by population, so it is not easy to fulfill the energy crisis in such a big country. Bharat Electronics is an Indian company that manufactures electronic equipment and lithium batteries.
  • The main products of this company are military defense devices. Still, with time, they have started to manufacture lithium-ion batteries to fulfill the battery needs in their country in the power sector and many electronic devices.
  • They generate revenue by selling their products to the military, as their main focus is to produce military equipment and lithium batteries that can be used for military purposes. Now they are also providing lithium batteries to many foreign countries.
  • They started manufacturing lithium batteries in 1981, and at the start of the 21st century, these batteries were used in two and three-wheeler electric vehicles. They are not only producing military devices and lithium batteries but also custom battery packs, lithium iron phosphate batteries, Nicd Battery packs, and other machinery.

6. HBL Power

Lithium-ion Battery Manufacturers in India
  • As by its name, this is a Power company that is leading in producing batteries and power systems for different businesses. Has Hyderabad located a based company that primarily provides batteries and power products to Railways, Electric mobility, and Solar and Defense products?
  • By seeing the importance of lithium-ion batteries, they also establish plants to produce the lithium batteries and fulfill the need for power in various power sectors, like in the automobile industry and electric vehicles.
  • They manufacture not only lithium-ion batteries but also many other batteries, and according to a survey, they are the second-largest manufacturers of Nickel-Cadmium batteries in India.
  • The benefits of the HBL batteries and other products, they are reliable and safe to use even at high temperatures. These batteries are cost-effective and easy for other companies to purchase and run their products.
  • HBL power has six manufacturing plants, and they are associated with three different companies; the annual revenue of the HBP power company is 240 million USD, and they supply to other departments, including defense, oil and gas, and aviation.

Lithium-ion Battery Manufacturers in India- Frequently Asked Question

There is no doubt that India plays a vital role in the world economy; therefore, many international companies are working in India, especially in the power sector, and they have their manufacturing plants in India.

Exide Industries is the leading number one company in India manufacturing lithium batteries. Their batteries are famous all over India, and most companies like electric vehicles, UPS, and other power sectors use Exide batteries in their products.

Because they are cost-effective for vehicles compared to petrol, it is easy to operate electric vehicles, and most importantly, they don't create smog and pollution.

The Chinese-based company CATL is the largest manufacturer of lithium-ion batteries all over the World, and it holds a 32% market share overall.

The TDS Group is the first company in India that started manufacturing lithium batteries in India; this is a combination of three different big companies, including the TOSHIBA, DESNO, and SUZUKI, so that India can become a more prominent manufacturer of the lithium batteries. How many big units are working for this purpose?

Conclusion- Lithium-Ion Batteries Manufacturers in India 2022
The need for lithium-ion batteries is increasing in India daily, as it is challenging to fulfill the power needs of such a populous country. But many manufacturers are working in India to overcome this problem now. Many manufacturing plants are working and producing lithium-ion batteries because it is the need of the hour. Now, most vehicle companies are making electric vehicles, and for this, a reliable, durable battery is ideal so that the passengers don’t face any type of difficulty during the journey. According to the reports, 30% of Indian transport will be dependent on electrical power by 2030.
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