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The Cost of Setting up An EV Charging Station in India

The EV charging station is one of the essential needs nowadays, not only in India but worldwide. It is due to the increasing cost of petrol and Diesel. Moreover, an EV vehicle is more aesthetic now than any vehicle that runs on petrol, gas, or vehicle. The Cost Of Setting Up An EV Charging Station in India.

An EV vehicle is any vehicle that runs on electricity rather than on gas or gasoline. It is dead easy to ride or charge comparatively. However, the most crucial consideration is the cost of setting up an EV charging station in India

The Cost Of Setting Up An EV Charging Station in India

This post provided complete information on the cost of setting up an EV charge station. Multiple factors are necessary to consider for it. However, the vital point you must remember is to follow the rules and guides that the Indian Government makes. You might wanna check this one too Lithium Batteries for E-Rickshaw in India.

The Cost of Setting up An EV Charging Station in India

Government Guidelines to Install and Set Up an EV Charging Station

NOTE: Here are some specific rules and guidelines made by the Indian people.

The total area for setting up an EV charge station is 3 km in the central city, 26 km on the highway, and for big streets where the primary charge vehicles are trucks, 100 km is required. 

Another important announcement is that if you follow the requirements and guides provided by the Government, then any license-free person is eligible to install an EV station if he has enough cost. 

Infrastructure Requirements for Installing and Setting Up an EV Charge Station

Here are some necessary infrastructure requirements to know so that you can find an exact estimate of the total cost. These are tools and the elements which are required to finalize before installing an EV charge station:

  • 33/11 KV cables and the related equipment, including line and matters
  •   Civil work, labor, and installations equipment
  • A land space or the specific area where you want to stand vehicles 
  • Transformer and related equipment
  • Specific room for electric cars to charge

Cost of EV Charge Station

Now your wait is over, and in this section, we have mentioned the cost necessary to install and set up an EV charge station. Read this complete guide and know the total price if you wish to install an EV charge station

The cost varies from area to area and country to country. In India, its cost ranges from 1 Lac to 40 Lac. However, this is not a fixed cost and varies at each turn or scenario. Price also depends upon charge type and other related factors. 

Note: If you want to set up a CCS-60kW, the total cost for this purpose is ₹ 50,000, and if you want to set up 2 AC-7/22kW, then the total cost for this is almost ₹ 1 00,000. For any electricity connection, whether near or away from the area, the total cost is ₹ 7 50,000. Labor and civil work will cost almost ₹ 2 50,000. 

Moreover, management software is also required to install. This software is EVSE in most cases. And it will cost ₹ 40 000 in total. 

From the above costs, you can have a total estimation of the overall cost. However, it does not mean that once after installing and setting up the charge station, you are now free to spend. you can also check Lithium-ion Battery Manufacturers in India

After installing and setting up the station, you also need to require proper management, and each month or year, you have to spend a heavy amount to get maximum returns. Here is an estimation of the post-set up EV charge station cost:

For workforce and technician you need to spend ₹ 3, 50,000 per year in total

To market your business and station, you need to pay ₹ 50, 000 in total at the beginning 

The total land cost which is required for the EV station once after installing is ₹ 6 00,000 per year

Note: Hence the total cost for this purpose is approximately ₹ 40 00,000. And the total cost for yearly maintenance is ₹ 10 00,000. 

Why set up an EV Charge Station?

Want to know why you need to spend such a heavy amount to install and set up an EV station. Here are some points highlighting the importance of setting up and installing an EV charge station.

Everyone knows that the cost of Diesel and petrol is increasing daily. So, it is necessary to install an EV charge station. Another reason relating to this is that now EV vehicles are replacing all other cars

The government offer special importance and schemes for the strugglers .

There are chances of high returns in the EV charge station.

Above is complete detail on the cost of setting up an EV charge station. For more information and facts, feel free to ask us anytime. We are always here to listen and answer your queries.
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