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Why Lithium Ion Battery Explode

Why Lithium Ion Battery Explode: The lithium-ion batteries market is increasing so rapidly that by 2025 it will be 100 billion USD so you can imagine the importance of lithium-ion batteries. Now we depend on lithium-ion batteries because the mobile phones, laptops, and other electronic machinery we use in our daily life are powered by lithium-ion batteries; these batteries also power electric vehicles.

But there is a problem with using lithium batteries that can explode or catch fire, but that is not always happening; it only occurs occasionally. You will shock to know that lithium batteries can become a safety hazard for users, so you have to keep this in your mind and use them accordingly.

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When the lithium-ion batteries explode and catch fire, you can get serious injuries, so in this case, you need to contact the doctor and follow the safety instruction. The lithium-ion battery was discovered in 1970 and was firstly used by Sony for the company’s handheld video recorder. After that, nearly all the electronic companies started to use lithium batteries, which have different qualities compared to other batteries. Now every gadget is powered by these batteries. you can Also Read This How to Connect two lithium batteries Or How to connect lithium batteries in series

Lithium-ion batteries are inexpensive, lightweight, and long-lasting compared to other batteries, and this is why they are in high demand; their small size and lightweight make mobile phones slim and attractive.

But the fire catching and explosion reports are also increasing daily, so the manufacturers must give proper attention to eliminate this problem. There are only a few cases of fire catching or explosion. Still, they can badly injure you, so safety instruction is always the priority for the customers, as they must constantly deal with their products.

According to research, there are many times when companies need to face this problem by the users millions due to battery hazards. Like many examples, in 2016, more than one million people returned the Samsung Note 7 Galaxy due to a defective battery design that caused a fire or explosion.

Causes of Explosion of Lithium Ion Batteries

Lithium-ion batteries are considered safe, but there are still many cases in which the lithium-ion battery catches fire or explodes. There are many reasons for the explosion in lithium-ion batteries, and you should know all the reasons to prevent your batteries and devices from catching fire or exploding.

Conclusion- Lithium Ion Battery Explosion
The lithium-ion batteries are made from the cell, which consists of electrodes and electrolytes, and sometimes, the lithium-ion batteries can catch fire or explode. There are many reasons for explosion and fire, so battery manufacturers make lithium-ion batteries by using the safety instruction to prevent them from explosion or catching fire.
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