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Why Mobile Phones Use Lithium Batteries 2022

Nowadays, most mobile phone companies use lithium-ion batteries instead of other batteries. According to them, lithium-ion batteries are long-lasting, and the users can use the mobile phone for a long time.

Many other reasons make lithium-ion batteries unique from all the other types of batteries; here, in this article, we will mention some of the important reasons Why Mobile Phones Use Lithium Batteries.

It Makes Charging Easier and Fasting

Why Mobile Phones Use Lithium Batteries

The lithium-ion batteries are faster than any other batteries; maybe you have noticed that advanced mobile phones take very less time charging. On the other hand, you also don’t need to worry if the charging is 100% completed because don’t have any effect on your mobile phone, and it cannot consume the electricity once the charging is completed.

Why Mobile Phones Use Lithium Batteries

Even some mobile phones only take 30 minutes for 100% charging, which is only possible with lithium-ion batteries.

Store More Power

  • The interesting thing about lithium-ion batteries is that they can store more power; a lithium-ion battery weighing 1KG can store 150 watts of electricity which is too much. This thing makes it distinct from all the other batteries.
  • We know that lithium is a very reactive element. This property helps the lithium ions store energy in atomic bonds, so they have a high energy density.
  • So now the mobile phones can store more power even when the battery size is small, making the mobile phone slim, lightweight, and attractive.

Lighter Batteries

  • The lithium-ion batteries are the lighter batteries as compared to all the other batteries of the same capacity. In the old days, mobile phones had too much weight because of the heavy weight of the batteries, but lithium has eliminated this problem and gives an attractive look to mobile phones.
  • Mobile manufacturing companies prefer to use lighter batteries because the buyers are interested in buying slim devices with high power capacity. The light weight of the lithium-ion batteries is their electrodes that are made from the lightweight lithium and carbon.

Low Maintenance Cost

  • Lithium-ion batteries have the lowest maintenance cost, and even when you dispose of them, they don’t have any harm, only a little bit. The self-discharging system of the lithium-ion batteries is less than half that of the other batteries.
  • You will be shocked to know that its discharge rate is only 5% after the first four hours of charging, but it falls 2% every month, that is enough to use the mobile phones for a long time, even if you can use your mobile phone 10 hours regularly.


  • The mobile phone manufacturing companies always care about their users because it builds trust, increasing their sales. If you discuss the durability of lithium-ion batteries, then it is not wrong to say that they are the most durable batteries.
  • Because they have the fastest charging speed, last for a longer time, and have a high power density, they store more energy in small size.

Low Discharge Rate

  • The low discharge rate means that the battery will last for a long time; the lithium-ion batteries have the lowest discharge rate as compared to the other batteries; that is why famous electronics brand uses lithium-ion batteries in their devices including mobile phone and laptops. you can also read Lithium-Ion Battery Charge and Discharge

Why the Lithium-Ion Batteries?

The lithium-ion batteries have revolutionized the battery industry and kept it to another level of advanced technology. Now, these batteries are not only the first choice of the mobile phone brand but also many automobiles and many other companies use lithium-ion batteries in their products. If the lithium-ion batteries are used in the same ratio, then thy can change future power supply systems and solve the power crises and Lithium-ion Battery Manufacturers in India.

Lithium-Ion Batteries: Pitfalls

This is not wrong that the mobile phone loves lithium-ion batteries because of their small size and large energy-saving capacity. Still, there are also some downfalls of using lithium-ion batteries.

Like sometimes, they have a reputation for exploding, which can cause a fire in the mobiles, laptops, and other products, which is harmful to you once it causes the fire in the electrical system of big jets, due to this exploding that can be too much horrible.

The reason behind these explode and fire is simply that they can store a lot of energy in the small size of batteries. The lithium-ion battery with a weight of one kilogram can store an energy density of 150 watts per hour, which is double the amount of energy compared to any other battery.

Aging is another big problem of lithium-ion batteries, and you will be shocked to know whether these batteries start to deteriorate after leaving the factory, whether in use or not. These batteries only go for three to four years and fail after this period.

Another major problem is their transportation because most airlines only transport a small amount of lithium-ion batteries and protect them from short circuits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the lithium-ion batteries are safe to use and don’t have any harmful effects, but only when they don’t have any detection and do not cause any damage. When these batteries fail, they may cause an explosion and fire.

The problem with using lithium-ion batteries is that they aren’t likely to be fully charged, and in the same way, they aren’t likely to be fully discharged; the reason behind this procedure is that ions can move quickly from one electrode to another electrode.

Lithium-ion batteries are used now in various fields, like mobile phones, laptops, automobiles, electronics, and many other things. But these days, mobile phones companies are using the lithium-ion batteries in their phones because they can store more energy in small sizes; that’s why the advanced mobiles are slim and sharp.
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