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Turnkey Solutions for Lithium Battery Assembly Plants - Complete Range of Machines for Lithium Battery Assembly & Testing

Ease Your Feet And Go For Miles With A Battery That’s As Robust As You Are!

 Lithium-Ion battery price and specs for electric bicycle. There’s nothing more invigorating than a good ride on your trusty electric bicycle. But all that fun goes away if your battery isn’t up to scratch. After all, what’s the point of having an electric bicycle if you still have to bear the brunt of the paddling yourself, right?

Fret not. With Raunik Greentech’s Lithium-Ion Batteries for Bicycles, you can rest assured that your bicycle will run smoothly and keep running with minimal hassle so you can enjoy the ride without worry.We also supply all machines for Lithium battery Assembly & Testing like Cell Grading/Testing Machines, Battery Charge Discharge Machines , BMS Tester & Spot Welding Machines. 

Best Lithium Battery for Bicycle

Whether you use your bike as a tool for your commute or as an escape to explore the town or the great outdoors, one thing is for sure; it needs to run smoothly and reliably. After all, a misbehaving machine takes all the joy out of bicycling and makes even short commutes a chore.

This problem of a reduced range is compounded by the fact that most OEM batteries are pricey, and you’d probably be better off just paddling yourself. But that’s where the reliable and affordable offerings from Raunik GreenTech come in. With all the features that the OEM batteries offer and none of the inflated prices, we are sure we can make you fall in love with your electric bicycle once more. You may also like: Best Lithium-ion battery For Electric Scooter

Best Lithium Battery for Bicycle

48V 6A/12A/20A Lithium-Ion Battery for Bicycle

Sleek and slim Lithium-ion battery for your bicycle. 

Designed to fit right in place of the OEM battery your electric bicycle came with, 48V lithium battery offers ample charge to keep your bicycle running smoothly for long with its 20Ah bank. Not only that, the fast deep-cycle charging ensures that top-ups are quick and do not degrade your battery’s performance. 

The battery is totally maintenance-free, and the casing is robust to withstand all the vigors of the outdoors that you might put your bicycle through. This gives you complete peace of mind while going exploring or just having a leisurely ride.

36V 7.5A/10A/12.5A/20A Lithium-Ion Battery For Bicycle

Sleek and slim Lithium-ion battery for your bicycle. 

If you’re looking for maximum endurance, 36V is the battery pack for you. Designed to fit right into your bicycle’s battery compartment, it brings ample juice to the table to keep you stress-free in terms of range. That too with quick charging, so you don’t have to worry about your trusty bike being unusable for long charging sessions.

With improved reliability and charging management, it is one option you can install and forget. It’s completely maintenance-free, shock resistant, and comes with the high capacity and quick charging speeds you’ve come to expect from our battery packs. If longevity is your purchase goal, you can’t go wrong with it.

24V 5A/8A/12A Lithium-Ion Battery for Bicycle

24v battery packs are lightweight, but that doesn’t mean they can’t pack a punch. Here are our 24v offerings that are sure to catch your eye.

Longevity is the name of the game with 24V lithium battery. It’s a solid battery pack that is sure to serve you faithfully for years. With its excellent capacity and quick charging, it’s sure to keep your experience with your bicycle nice and trouble-free. And to top it off, the deep-cycle charging technology baked into the pack will ensure it keeps giving you good range throughout its serviceable life.

This high-capacity Li-ion pack is sure to maximize your e-bicycle’s range and allow you to go out on longer treks so your adventurous spirit isn’t limited by your bicycle’s battery. It is designed to be compact but powerful. Its quick charging will help you top it up quickly so you can get back outside with minimum time wasted having your trusty bicycle plugged into a wall.

Not quite what you were looking for? We also offer batteries for e-bikes and e-rickshaws.


In terms of longevity, most lithium-ion bicycle batteries are rated for 1,000 discharge cycles and can last you up to several years, depending on usage and care.

In terms of range, the battery’s life depends on the voltage of your electric bicycle’s system and the battery pack's capacity. The range varies from vehicle to vehicle, and there isn’t a hard-and-fast metric for it.


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