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Turnkey Solutions for Lithium Battery Assembly Plants - Complete Range of Machines for Lithium Battery Assembly & Testing

Keep Your Workhorse Trouble-Free With A Battery That Works Hard

Your E-Rickshaw is what you earn your livelihood on. It’s your dependable partner on the roads and works as hard as you do daily. There’s so much your rickshaw has to contend with on the open road, so reliability is vital.


Lithium-Ion battery price and specs for E-Rickshaws: When your machine is that important, why not give it the best chance of performing well out there? A lithium-ion battery for an e-rickshaw from Raunik Greentech will cut down weight and improve the running and reliability of your rickshaw so you can concentrate solely on your livelihood.We also supply all machines for Lithium battery Assembly & Testing like Cell Grading/Testing Machines, Battery Charge Discharge Machines , BMS Tester & Spot Welding Machines. 

Best Lithium Battery for E-Rickshaw

Gone are the days of heavy lead-acid batteries that overheat in the summer and cause problems in the winter. Gone are the times when you needed to check your battery every so often to make sure there was enough acid. 

With our range of Lithium-ion batteries for E-rickshaws, you can kiss those troubles goodbye and stay on the road. The batteries are maintenance-free and extremely reliable, so you can rest easy that you won’t be stopping by the roadside any time soon just because you forgot to babysit the battery. 

With our feature-packed offerings, we are sure you’ll have a rickshaw that runs lighter and smoother and will help you maximise your earnings. Also Check Best Lithium Battery for Bicycle and Best Lithium Battery for Electric Scooter



Lithium-Ion Battery For E-Rickshaw:

Battery packs to keep your rickshaw on the road and your pockets lined with cash

51.2v 50A/60A/100A/120A Lithium Battery for E-Rickshaw

Just because you’re an internal-combustion aficionado doesn’t mean you should miss out on the benefits of a Lithium battery. Our Lithium batteries for bikes will help your bike run better and lighter by replacing the heavy lead-acid battery you’re already using.

Our 51.2v lithium battery pack will keep your rickshaw running for longer. And with its deep cycle fast charging, it’s just as sure to keep charging times to a minimum without degrading the battery so you can get a full charge and not have to worry about your battery losing capacity over time.

60v 50A/80A/100A Lithium Battery for E-Rickshaw

Our 60V pack offers enormous power in a small package. This lithium battery for your e-rickshaw gives you improved range and driveability with improved charge density over equivalent lead-acid batteries.

But such power is nothing if it takes hours to top up. Fret not. Our 60V lithium batteries come with fast charging baked in, so you don’t have to keep your rickshaw plugged in for long hours. Not only this, the battery is maintenance-free, and its deep cycle technology ensures longevity by preserving the capacity of the cells

Not what you were looking for? We also sell Lithium Batteries for E-bikes and Solar Panels



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