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Turnkey Solutions for Lithium Battery Assembly Plants - Complete Range of Machines for Lithium Battery Assembly & Testing

Keep Your Scooter Zipping With A Battery That Doesn’t Quit

Lithium-Ion battery price and specs for electric scooters – are all the rage due to their environment-friendliness and ease of use. And if you’re the proud owner of one of these awesome machines, you know how vital their batteries are to them.


Lithium-Ion battery price and specs for electric scooters – are all the rage due to their environment-friendliness and ease of use. And if you’re the proud owner of one of these awesome machines, you know how vital their batteries are to them.

Whether you’re looking to breathe new life into your e-scooter with a new battery or to shave some pounds and improve reliability, a Lithium Ion battery for electric scooter is an option you must definitely consider. It’s hassle-free, easy to install, and runs with minimal maintenance.

And why wouldn’t you, when Raunik GreenTech offers such reliable and robust options at such affordable prices? Our battery packs provide all the advantages of having an E-scooter Lithium Battery without tanking your savings. You might wanna check this one too Best Lithium Battery for Bicycle

Best Lithium Battery for Electric Scooter

If you’re tired of babysitting the acid levels in your escooter’s battery pack and just don’t want to deal with the hassle anymore, Lithium is the way to go!

Lithium batteries pack more power in the same form factor and will improve the overall range of your scooter and its reliability. Our Lithium Batteries for E-Scooters pack all the features you’d expect and are sure to keep your scooter running smooth and trouble-free. We also supply all machines for Lithium battery Assembly & Testing like Cell Grading/Testing Machines, Battery Charge Discharge Machines , BMS Tester & Spot Welding Machines. 

48v Lithium-Ion Battery For Electric Scooter

48v 26Ah Lithium battery

Want a battery that drops right in and replaces your stock Lead-Acid pack? 48v 26Ah is the best one for you. With a standard-sized body, it will fit right in and provide you with all the benefits of a solid-state battery. That too while cutting down on weight and improving capacity.

48V 30Ah Lithium Battery

Love long-hauling on your trusty scooter and want something with a little more juice? This model packs a large capacity with fast charging and is sure to keep your escooter  running for long and get you back on the road quickly.

48V 40Ah Lithium Battery​

Want a good, reliable battery for your daily commute? This model has you covered. Designed with daily driving in mind, the pack carries sufficient capacity to last you through your day with fast charging and deep cycle charging optimisation to keep your battery pack running for longer.

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Not quite what you were looking for? We also offer batteries foe-bikes and e-rickshaws.


Frequently-Asked Questions-Faqs

What is the price of lithium-ion batteries for electric scooters?

While the cost of lithium batteries for e-scooters can vary widely depending on specifications and factors like the voltage, current, and capacity, the general price range is from about 15000 to 50000 Rupees.

Of course, it’s wise not to think about the price tag alone when considering the price. A lower price could mean cheaper components and less longevity. This is why you should buy batteries from a trusted vendor like Raunik GreenTech.

Can I replace lead-acid battery with lithium-ion in scooter?

Battery technologies are mostly interchangeable, and lead-acid batteries can be replaced with Lithium batteries in most cases without any problems. The voltage and current draw are two things to consider when buying the replacement.

The voltage of the new battery must match the operating voltage of your electric scooter’s circuitry, or it will not work. Similarly, replacing a battery that cannot handle the amount of current your scooter draws when running will not work out well. Before replacing the batteries, it’s best to ensure you’re purchasing one with the right specifications.


How long do lithium-ion scooter batteries last?

While it depends highly on usage, most lithium batteries for scooters are rated for more than 1000 discharge cycles. If cared for well, the battery could last well beyond that. The key is using the right charger and not fully discharging the batteries before recharging.

As for the range you get, it depends on the battery’s capacity and the amount of current drawn from it. The range you get from a battery varies from vehicle to vehicle, and there is no hard and fast metric for it. 


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