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How to Calculate Watt Hours of Lithium Battery

Want to know how to Calculate Watt Hours of Lithium Battery? The lithium-ion batteries have become so popular and common that everyone buys a product that is powered by lithium-ion batteries, as you can use the product for a long time. Many other specifications of the lithium-ion battery are that they have a small size, are easily available for all the products, can be manufactured into various shapes, are lightweight and many other qualities. you can Also Read How to connect lithium batteries in series Or How to Connect two lithium batteries

But the most important thing that you need to know about the lithium-ion batteries is their watt-hours; this is very helpful while shipping the lithium batteries by ground, air or vessel. Many people neglect this thing; keep in mind that it is crucial for you to know the watt-hour of lithium batteries before shipping.

The watt-hour rating is the measurement of energy in watts that a battery can consume in one hour, this value doesn’t have any importance but when you have to ship the battery or product that is powered by a lithium battery then it is good to know the actual value watt-hour of lithium-ion battery.

How to Calculate Watt Hours of Lithium Battery

Calculating the watt-hour of the lithium-ion battery is very important especially when we need to ship them from one place to another place. Like when you are traveling on a plane and most people have mobile phones, laptops, cameras, tablets and other products powered by lithium-ion batteries. We know that the airlines have susceptible security systems, and all the products are according to the safety conditions of the airline lithium battery for 100 watts for each device, or it is the amount of energy that is delivered at this time. Check This one Why Lithium Ion Battery Explode.

Lithium-ion batteries can cause a fire because they have elements that catch fire in some conditions. This is why airline security is worried about the shipping of lithium-ion batteries, and mostly they are wary of the lithium-ion batteries having more than a 100-watt hour rating that is written as Wh because exceeding the limit can cause danger.

How to Calculate Watt Hours of Lithium Battery

The batteries used in mobile phones or small products have only 12.4-watt-hours, but many professional cameras and laptops have battery power-watt hour ratings of 100. Still, many airlines only allow 160-watt hour ratings only in certain conditions.

The airlines don’t usually ship the batteries because of short circuits and fire explosions in the lithium batteries. When installed inside the lithium-ion batteries, it is always recommended to send the batteries or tape the uncovered part. So now, we will discuss how to find the watt-hour rating of lithium-ion batteries.

How to Calculate The Watt-Hour Of Lithium Batteries?

The watt-hour of the lithium-ion batteries can be calculated according to the capacity of the battery cells. But if the lithium battery is made from more than one cell, then you can use the prevalent method to find the watt-hour rating of the lithium batteries. In this case, you also need extra security for the charging and discharging of the lithium-ion batteries, as additional circuits can also be used for powering the cell.

The exciting thing about the lithium-ion batteries that are now manufactured is that their watt-hour rating is mainly written on them, so you don’t need to do anything to find the watt-hour. But in many batteries, it becomes invisible or unavailable, and then you know the method to find the watt-hour of the lithium-ion batteries.

The simple formula that is used to find the watt-hour of lithium batteries or other electrical products is following,
  • Volts X Ampere Hours = Watt Hours
  • Example 1: A 4,400 mAh 11.1 volt battery
  • Divide the mAh rating by 1,000 to get an Ah rating of 4,400/1,000 – 4.4ah
  • Calculate now as-4.4Ah x 11.1 volts = 48.8Wh
Using this formula, you can easily find the watt-hour of any lithium-ion batteries or any electrical products, including the bulbs, irons, fans and inverters.

Why Knowing The Watt-Hour Of Lithium Batteries Are Essential?

Many people think there is a need to calculate the value of watt-hour of their lithium-ion batteries, so the simple reason is that we have to find out how much power is consumed in a specific time. Mostly it is calculated in the hours, like first of all we have to find the watt of the battery or any other electric product, the watt is written on the products that we buy from different sellers.

The watt-hour of the lithium-ion batteries or other products powered by lithium batteries plays an important role when we need to ship them because we have to ship the batteries through airlines. Because the batteries can cause problems for the airlines’ system, this is the reason that mostly they said you don’t use the electrical products or power off all the products that you have, including mobile phones, laptops, and cameras.

How Many Watt-Hours in My Lithium-Ion Battery?

It is straightforward to find the watt-hour of your lithium-ion batteries; first of all, you need to know the watt of your lithium-ion battery and its unit of power, even the power of your mobile phone, camera, laptop, or any other product that you are using. The watt is mainly written on the product or the label of the lithium-ion batteries, so you don’t need to worry about finding the watt of the batteries or products.

Now you have to find out the watt-hour of your lithium-ion battery, like if you have a lithium-ion battery having watt power of 100. You have to find out the watt-hour for 22 hours, after that, we know the formula, you have to multiply the watt by hours, like 100 watt multiplied by 22 hours, and the watt-hour of this product is 2200 Wh.

How Many Watt-Hours Are In A 100Ah Battery?

The watt-hour of a lithium-ion battery having 100Ah is simply 1200 watt-hours.

Is A Higher Watt-Hour Battery Better?

It is easy for people to buy batteries with significant watt-hour ratings even if they are expensive because they can last for a long time, which means you can save time.


The watt-hour is to know the battery consumption in one hour; in simple words, we can say how much power the lithium battery consumes in one hour. It is straightforward to find the watt-hour of the batteries or any other product you have; you simply multiply the watt by the hours given.

It is essential to ship the batteries through the airline or large ships because they need to know how much time it takes to consume the battery power.

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