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Lithium-Ion battery price and specs for Solar Panels

When The Sun Gives, Get A Battery That Can Keep It All !​

Lithium-Ion battery price and specs for Solar Panels: Solar energy is catching on in today’s world as a means of saving on electric bills and having backup power in case of an outage. And why shouldn’t it? It’s cheap, clean energy, and the technology is super accessible.

Of course, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, and if you pair an excellent solar system with a battery that can’t keep up, it’s just setting you up for disappointment. Most people use lead-acid batteries because they’re cheap. Still, those come with issues like toxic fumes, overheating, and overcharging. 

This means that you’re leaving performance on the table. This is why we at Raunik Greentech developed our range of Lithium batteries for solar panels so you can enjoy the fruits of your investment in solar with peace of mind.

Best Lithium Battery for Solar Panels.​

Lithium batteries are the future. Don’t believe us? Just compare. The lead-acid battery you’re currently using or plan to use is a maintenance nightmare. You need to babysit the acid levels, or the cells die. You put it in an enclosed space, and it overheats. And even when it’s working well, it gives off fumes.We also supply all machines for Lithium battery Assembly & Testing like Cell Grading/Testing Machines, Battery Charge Discharge Machines , BMS Tester & Spot Welding Machines. 

Compare that to the Lithium-ion solar batteries from Raunik Greentech, and the answer is clear. They are solid state. No electrolyte, no fumes. They come with all the latest technology, ensuring they don’t overcharge and overheat. The battery’s cells are entirely maintenance-free. Just install it, and you’re done.

What more reason do you need? The battery that gives you solid performance and peace of mind is the clear choice for your solar installation.

12.8V 20A/30A/40A/80A/100A Lithium-Ion Battery for Solar Panels

Lithium-Ion battery price and specs for Solar Panels

Energy storage, minus the hassle.

Our 12.8V Lithium-Ion solar battery has the exact voltage that your solar system needs. Unlike Lead-Acid batteries that are fixed to 12V. This means that your solar cells don’t have to work harder charging a battery whose voltage is incompatible.

Also, this battery has superior charge density, which means they are lighter and have more capacity than an equivalent lead-acid cell. This added capacity is more of a plus due to the built-in deep-cycle fast charging, which tops up the battery quickly and ensures its performance doesn’t degrade over time so it can keep up with your panels’ production.

The battery is entirely maintenance-free and can be installed anywhere as long as it’s not unreasonably hot. This means you don’t have to go hunting for a cool, well-ventilated place to put your batteries and can just put them in a panel box and let them work for you.So what are you waiting for? you can Also check Lithium Battery for Energy Storage Systems



Not quite what you were looking for? We also offer batteries for e-scooters and e-rickshaws.

Frequently-Asked Questions-Faqs

Is lithium battery good for solar?

Yes, in fact it’s better than lead-acid batteries. It has improved charge density and reliability. The cells don’t need any electrolytre to work, so no fumes and no top ups. 

Not only this but lithium-ion batteries can be manufactured with more granular control over the output voltage. So you if your system works with a specific voltage, the battery can be built to work with it.

Lithium batteries work seamlessly in any application where lead-acid batteries can be used. And they do so with better reliability, less maintenance and longer life, which makes them perfect for the job.

What size lithium battery do I need for solar?

It depends on how much power you need to store. Calculating the required size takes a bit of effort but it’s better than having a battery bank that’s too small or two large. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Calculate your house or building’s daily average demand in terms of kWh.
  2. Check the weather tresnds and estimate how many days your area gets low sunlight. (This is important)

Once you have these two factors you can calculate the average monthly energy requirement for your solar system. (Including the energy consumed on days where there is not enough sunlight)

Once you have that figure, use it to calculate the daily consumption by dividing by 30. Let’s say your daily consumption is 10 kWh.

Npw you need to account for inefficiency and the fact that you can’t deplete your battery fully. So for an 80% depth of discharge, you need 20% extra capacity. That makes it 12kWh. Additionally, lithium batteries are about 95% efficient so we need to add 5% on top of this. The final figure come out to be 12.6 kWh or 12600 Wh.

Now that you have the power you need to store, converting this to battery capacity is as simple as dividing the power by your battery’s voltage. So 12600 divided by 12.8 gives us 984 Ah. This means that for this example you’d need about 5 batteries of 200 Ah each.

How long do lithium batteries last for solar panels?

Most lithium batteries for solar panels and inverters are rated for a life of 2000 discharge cycles or about 5 years. This life can be extended with care and proper charging and by not discharging the battery fully.

As for the battery’s timing, that depends on the system it’s installed in and can be calculated by the method detailed above. This should give you a good idea of how long your battery bank will keep your home powered.


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